Knowing The Professional Mold Remediation Standards – Brooklyn, NY

In 2008, the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification released its first book on professional mold remediation standards, officially known as the BSR-IICRC S520. The 56-page guide for technicians who face the challenges of correcting fungus contamination as part of their job is currently under revision and an updated version is expected to be released…

What is Water Damage Restoration? – Brooklyn, NY

What is water damage restoration, exactly? Water damage restoration is rebuilding an area (a house, business, etc) to its pre-loss state. Basically, it’s working to get your home, business, and life back in order after you’ve suffered a water damage loss. Water damage restoration usually begins with inspecting the property and determining the extent of…


Property damage, in the simplest terms, is damage to anything that is owned; this could refer to properties that are tangible or intangible, residential or commercial, as well as private and public assets. Types of Property Damage • Fire Damage- Damage to property that is brought about by fire, whether intentional or unintentional. • Water…

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