Smoke and Fire Damage Restoration in Brooklyn, NY

If a fire has ravaged your home or business, you might think all is lost. However, with the help of fire damage restoration experts, your residential or commercial property in the Brooklyn, NY, area can be like new. Turn to Strictly Restoration for help today.

The Damage Fire Does

Whatever the cause, fire can damage a home or business thoroughly. This damage includes:

  • Complete eradication of belongings or furnishings
  • Permanent damage to home
  • Health hazards from smoke, soot, and ash
  • Lingering smoky smell

However, Strictly Restoration can help with all that. Let us bring your home back to its pre-damage state.

The Services We Offer

No matter the condition of your fire-damaged home, Strictly Restoration can help. We offer various services to restore your home:

  • Complete fire damage restoration: From your floors to your ceiling, we can replace, restore, and repair your entire home to like-new condition.
  • Soot removal: Soot is not only unsightly but also unhealthy. Soot can cause stroke, heart attacks, asthma, or cancer. We’ll completely remove the soot and ash from your home.
  • Fire smoke smell removal: One of the longest-lasting reminders of a fire is the smoky smell. Let us get rid of the smell and the health risks with our specialized process.

Whatever fire damage service you need, we can provide.

The Quality Job We Perform

We know that dealing with fire damage is stressful. That’s why we’re here to help. From the initial call to the final walkthrough, we’re by your side.

First, we’ll visit with you and assess the damage to your home. We’ll explain the overall process, help you with the insurance claim, and provide you with a detailed inventory of what we’ll do.

Then, the restoration work begins. We’ll replace anything beyond restoration, and we’ll also handle the cleanup and repair process. Through the entire process, we’ll treat your home and belongings with care.

Finally, we’ll get the job done quickly at a rate you can afford. You deserve a quality home, and our job is to provide that to you.

Call us 24/7 at 1 (718) 404-6811.